My name is Andrei Iordache. As a Romanian Freelance Creative Director & Senior Copywriter, I write and develop – for small and (really) big brands – huge advertising.

That means I create compelling copy that sells and insanely creative ad concepts that work (think big ROI and better brand equity). Plus, there’s no middleman or ridiculous overhead standing between my advertising services and your marketing objectives. And that equals fast turnaround and cost effectiveness.

I deliver the best, because I’ve learned from the best, doing the best. I’ve started as a young copywriter for one of the largest multinational advertising agencies in Bucharest, Romania, writing sharp copy and developing ATL and BTL campaigns for international brands such as AVON, Petrom (OMV), Flanco, Milli, GSK, Castrol, BT Aegon, Azuga and many more.

Then I’ve gone freelance as Senior Copywriter and Creative Director. Doing the same cool and creative stuff for some other international brands such as Heineken, Electrolux, Bosch, Qatar Airways, Metro, Raffaelo, Ballantine’s. Just to name a

select few. Some worldwide freelance advertising agencies represent me and I am lucky enough to be part of a number of exclusive international creative societies.

I am also the proud co-founder of UPDIVISION – an interdisciplinary ad agency (traditional, digital, web development, branding) honed for today's advertising needs. And I should add that it has a healthy mix of young talents and seasoned professionals. So you can get me either as a freelancer (Romanian & English Senior Copywriter or/and Creative Director) or as part of my team at UPDIVISION.

See my list of services or contact me now for a private chat. We’ll discuss your needs and I can show you relevant portfolio works.

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In other words, integrated communication

Above the line or below the line? Or maybe you should try through the line advertising. The marketing lingo is not important. What is important is using together the right media, in the right way, at the right time. Whether you pull the big guns, for the big and small screens or distribute some smart press kits, everything needs to work coherently towards your communication goals.

I can help you develop the entire communication mix and strategy, write the copy and direct the art. Or just create and write the crucial parts that demand lots of creativity.

key deliverables: advertising campaign strategy, TV & radio scripts, print ads, transcreations, OOH ads, posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures, sales letters, packaging, corporate literature, business articles, CSR concepts & materials, press releases, press kits, advertorials, event scripts, event signage, in-store activation concepts, unconventional installation concepts and more

Digital Services

Especially good for the
World Wide Web

The web is on fast forward. And you need to stay ahead to stay customer-connected. I plan and execute digital strategy that is not only trendy, but it also delivers tangible results. And because content is king, you can count on me to write all your online lines. From web pages and landing pages to web banners and email sales letters. And I always use the right keywords for outstanding SEO.

Forget all about bulk or spammy web content and get now compelling SEO copy that helps your brand and converts to loyal customers.

key deliverables: viral advertising, digital strategy, social media campaigns, SEO website content, email sales letters, high-conversion landing pages, newsletters, web banners, website concept, blog articles, web transcreations and more

Branding Consultancy

From name to fame

Whether you are looking to launch a new brand or refresh an existing one, I am here to offer you valuable guidance. I’ve worked with many brands in practically every industry. I also helped dozens of new ones get born. Over the years, I have perfected my own unique brand strategy toolkit that was put to test with great results.

So let me find a name, a strategy and a voice for your new brand. Or let me do a brand audit and see how you can get your existing brand grow even more.

key deliverables: brand audit, brand strategy, naming, setting the tone of voice, guiding the visual identity

over 70 brands in 29 industries

*Contact me now and I will show you, in private, relevant portfolio works



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